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Lenny – West Coast Style IPA

We love and adore a solid West-Coast Style IPA here at Nine Mile, and y’all have shown us time and time again so do you! They embody some of the best parts of an IPA we like so much… and this offering here is no different.

Built on a mixed base of pilsner and pale malts, with touches of the ever-stalwart pair of dextrin and white wheat making up the remainder of the grist. The trio of Idaho 7, Strata, and Sultana team up for multiple kettle hop additions, as well as in the whirlpool. Centennial, Motueka, and Strata CGX lend their talents to a hefty, but not unreasonable, dry-hopping regimen. And last but not least, our favorite clean, neutral house ale yeast strain rounds it all out nicely while letting the hops take center stage.

Named in honor of a dearly departed uncle of our head brewer, we are also donating a portion of the proceeds for this beer to @nami_minnesota_helps for all of September for Suicide Prevention Month.

Crisp, clean, and packed full of aromatics/flavors reminiscent of bright citrus, pineapple, light floral notes, and a bit of heady pine and danky dank… come snag one, or more, of this hop-forward libation!

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