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Citramus Prime – Citra Fresh Hop IPA

’Tis the season for fresh/wet/what-have-you IPAs! And we’ve got a dang tasty one for y’all! We tossed gobs and gobs of Citra three different ways into this hop-forward treat.
Built on a base of local MN pilsner with slight touches of white wheat, malted oats, and dextrin. T-90 (standard) Citra hop pellets were dropped into the kettle for some classic additions. Handfuls of Citra Cryo were utilized for a big whirlpool addition. And the star of the show… Flash Frozen Fresh Citra Cryo pellets from our pals at Yakima Chief Hops out on the west coast were overnighted to us and used in a hefty dry-hopping regimen the very next day. The combination of all these Citra personalities meld together to present an extremely punchy and bright presentation of one the darlings of the hop realm. Our favorite house ale strain rounds everything out nicely and lets the hops take center stage.
Expect waves of freshly-squeezed OJ and sticky mango with an undercurrent of passionfruit and a smidge of candied peaches.
Bold and assertively aromatic/flavorful with a wisp of rather smooth lingering bitterness… come snag yourselves some of this optimally prime IPA and let it transform y’all’s eager and awaiting palates!

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