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Convergent Paths – Dark Chocolate Espresso Milk Stout

The time for lush, dark, and decadent beers is here, y’all. We’ve got a wonderful addition to our line up to kick off the cooler weather and seasonal shift. Convergent Paths align to bring the ever stalwart combo of beer + coffee to your palates with this big milk stout.
Built on a base of Irish stout malt… with the always killer golden naked oats, a few choice crystal malts, a couple lovely roasted malts, and a touch of both Munich and honey malts. Lotus hops provide delicate balance. The trio of local clover honey, lactose, and maltodextrin provide heft and body as well as more nuance. It’s all fermented to a slightly sweet finish with our favorite house ale strain. Last, but certainly not least, we added a big grip of freshly roasted espresso-style beans from our pals at Folly Coffee in St. Louis Park. Expect overt coffee tones in this one for sure…
Large and in charge, this dark ale marries two beverage worlds into one concept beautifully. Malt-forward, roasty, toffee/caramel notes abound… with an edge of sweetness and an aromatic punch of the aforementioned coffee to wrap it all together. Come on down and snag yourselves some!

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