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Unlocked Potential 2.0 Thiolized West Coast IPA

Awaken your dormant power… utilize your full potential! Choose to be in your most empowered state of being by snagging a pint of this delectable IPA, y’all.
Built on a mixed base of local MN Pale & Pilsner malt, with small smacks of White Wheat, Dextrin, & a touch of Rye. Gobs of Calypso hops were added to the mash to unleash their bound thiols. Eureka Salvo & Strata CGX hops were added to the whirlpool. A restrained drop of Nugget CGX was added for dry-hopping. With their raw energies combined they present waves of passionfruit, guava, bright citrus, and a tinge of fresh pine. A specialized yeast strain to unlock bound thiols was used to augment & embolden the whole of the beer.
Now, make like Goku or Gohan and go Super Saiyan on some of this damn fine beer!

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