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Skysta Garbė – Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale

Brewed in collaboration with Dual Citizen Brewing in St. Paul, both crews decided to dig into the more obscure side of farmhouse ale traditions and thus this ale was born. Loosely translated from Lithuanian to mean “liquid honor” both breweries honor their continuing friendship with one another by bestowing each other with some excellent, delicious liquid!

Heavy overtones of pear, banana, apricot & a tinge of lemon intertwine with a solid bready backbone & ribbons of honey. Bold, dry, complex, refreshing & with a touch of minerality… this farmhouse ale has a lot going on, yet manages to be crisp & refreshing.

Built on a mixed base of floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner & white wheat with biscuit rye, spelt, and Munich malts providing heft & complexity. Loral hops provide tiny hints of noble grassiness & floral notes. A decent smack of amber honey from Bare Honey adds body, lends a wisp of sweetness, & rounds out the body. Last, but certainly not least… the star of the show here is a very expressive Lithuanian yeast strain from Omega Yeast Labs gives off the bulk of the flavors & aromas mentioned above.

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