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Saison Ménage

This bright, punchy Belgian-focused ale is an ode & homage to the varied & storied style that is the wonderful Saison. This particular interpretation of the saison is named as such to be enjoyed around a table with members of your household – or “mènage” – over excellent conversation, food, & games. Amend “household” to include whomever in this case! Any which way you parse it & with whom you choose to imbibe with… cheers & enjoy! A fairly simple grist of pilsner, white wheat, torrified wheat, & spelt malts lend a clean, soft background. Loral hops give off light grassy, floral, & citrus notes. A unique, expressive yeast strain captured & isolated off of honeybee hives from Bare Honey in St. Paul Minnesota. The Yeast Bay incorporates lovely aromas/flavors of dry lime peel & Sauv Blanc grapes along with a bit of minerality & a touch of white peppercorn.

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