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One For His Nob! Red Ale with Honeybush Tea and Mexican Vanilla

He’s at it again, y’all… Bryan Blurgenson’s magnum opus in liquid form is upon us all. Inspired by both a stalwart favorite beer of his from elsewhere & a love for Cribbage matched by no other he presents his malt-driven, tea-infused, & vanilla kissed red ale! Built on a solid, clean base of European 2-row w/ hefty drops of varied Munich malts, a touch of Crystal T-50, & a sprinkle of Special B all round out the lovely grist. Bravo & Diamant hops provide delicate balance & whispers of floral notes. A large addition of South African Honeybush Tea provides sweet honeyed, & lightly woody overtones. Hand-processed vanilla beans add their wonderful nuances & tie everything together nicely. *Chef’s Kiss* Made to be a perfect compliment to a gorgeous Autumn day… come down to the taproom & snag yourself a pint of this damn fine treat! (If you see the ever-present Mr. Bryan Blurgenson slangin’ beers behind the bar challenge him to a round of Cribbage… he’d be hard pressed to say no…)

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