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Creekside – Light Lager

Reminiscent of your favorite cheapo, ever-reliable standby fridge beer… this lil’ number was made to be enjoyed on endless repeat for any reason at any time.

Built on a base of mega lightly kilned pilsner malt, with a smack of flaked corn for an increased light body and mouthfeel. We tossed in a literal small handful of neutral hops to keep it crisp. One of our favored lager strains rounded it out to a bone-dry finish. It sat and slumbered in one of our neat horizontal lagering vessels, low and slow, for many weeks on end to get crystal clear and maximize drinkability.

Made to be slayed in the shade, sun, around the lake, your basement, a ballgame, playing cards, grilling your favs, and etc. into perpetuity.


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