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Vista Obsession – Dip-Hopped NEIPA

Ok y’all… we’ve got a doozy of a New England IPA right here. We utilized a unique method, in addition to dry-hopping, to showcase a new, sexy hop varietal named Vista.

Referred to as “dip-hopping”, the aforementioned method takes hops and puts them directly into the fermenter after its cleaned & purged out. A portion of slightly cooled-down wort is moved into the fermenter mid-boil. Said hops steep in the fermenter while the rest of the boil continues on as normal. At the end of the brew day the rest of the wort is moved into the fermenter on amongst the steeped “dip” hops. This method takes advantage of multiple temp ranges & changes to get super robust flavors/aromas to leap forth.

Built on a soft base of Pilsner, with hefty doses of both white & flaked wheat to add body. Sprinkles of dextrin malt & flaked oats add silkiness and boosted head retention. The above mentioned Vista hop takes center stage, with smaller additions of Lotus & El Dorado making up the remainder of the lovely lupulin in the beer. Our workhorse expressive house London Ale strain rounds it out nicely.

Bright candied lemon meshes with peach, pineapple, and sweet orange notes with a hint of papaya.

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