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Polka Dot Rain Boots – Hazelnut Golden Stout

Polka Dot Rain Boots – Hazelnut Golden Stout

What’s a “Golden Stout” you may ask? It is an actual “style”? No, not really… but that’s ok. Style is just a word sometimes… let’s have fun, shall we?

Built upon a mixed base of 2-row and Golden Promise, with a supporting cast of honey malted oats, white wheat, dextrin, and a literal sprinkle of roasted barley for color. Lotus hops provide delicate balance, while our favored house ale yeast strain rounds everything out nicely. A lil’ drop of hazelnuts were added to bring out some overt nutty tones and a bit o’ sweetness on the back end… subtlety is the name of the game here.

Crisp, clean, moderately malty, lightly sweet… with a smidge of that hazelnut goodness wisping along throughout. Come snag some today, y’all!

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