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Dueling Dangerously Episode III: The 9th Mile – West Coast IPA

Firstly, Happy May the 4th! The day to celebrate all things Star Wars is here! And we’ve got a gnarly-neat beer release for y’all today…

We decided to team up with the nerds of Dangerous Man Brewing & Dual Citizen Brewing to make a super flavorful & aromatic West Coast-style IPA!

This hop-forward gem is built upon a grist canvas of 2-Row Pale, Pilsner, Cara 8, Munich, White Wheat, & a touch of Acidulated malt. A myriad of kettle hops, including: Altus, Centennial, Strata, & MI Copper provide robust fruit-laden flavors across the board. The dry-hop trio of Centennial, Strata, & MI Copper also give off waves of layered aromas in droves. Fermented with a unique yeast strain from Berkeley Yeast that naturally produces terpenes (notes of: orange blossom, lime peel, lemon zest… & a bit of nostalgic Froot Loops!) to lend its properties to tue whole of the beer.

Enjoy this newest IPA to our line up with your favorite & lovable geeks, dorks, & nerds.

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