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Cultural Collision – Cinnamon Mocha Double Stout

What happens when two darlings of the wide, varied beverage world collide & meld into one damn tasty liquid libation? Beer & coffee have been proven time & again to be wonderful partners in creating complexity by weaving together robust flavor & aroma profiles. This double stout is no slouch in that department.

Built upon a base of 2-Row & Maris Otter malts, with a whole slew of specialty crystal/caramel & roasted malts to add layers in droves. A decent smack of oats adds silkiness to the body, while the trio of amber candi sugar, lactose, & maltodextrin and fullness & a touch of sweetness to the overall presentation.

We partnered up with our friends at The Get Down Coffee Co. in North MPLS to utilize their Turn Tables house dark roast to bring forth overt notes of dark chocolate & lovely, exceptional coffee. Last, but certainly not least, grips of cacao nibs & cinnamon sticks round out the diverse character of this beer.

Cultural Collision is at the core of everything at The Get Down, and we are excited to add to the product diversity by bringing together the best of both worlds in this coffee beer collaboration.


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