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Full “Beaver” Moon Yoga

November 28, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

🌝 Gathering on or near the full moon, we celebrate honoring our bodies and sharing in self-reflection at a time when the moon’s energy is at its strongest, giving us heightened creative juice! We will also incorporate seasonal aspects that accompany this moon as related to its label as the BEAVER’S đŸĻĢ moon.

🌝 Full moons are said to influence the highest energy in each 28-29-day lunar cycle.

🧘‍♀ī¸đŸ§˜đŸžâ€â™‚ī¸ Some yoga experience is recommended.

💰 Drop-ins are welcome (Venmo, cash), though pre-registration is recommended to save your spot.

🧑đŸŊ‍🌾 🚜 The Farmer’s Almanac calls this month’s full moon the đŸĻĢ beaver moon at a time when hibernating and resource gathering is in full swing. As such, and once we get a proper warmup of some Moon Salutations, we’re going to play with intentions and poses that inspire our ability to lean into resourcefulness for advanced poses of the crowd’s choice! (DOING the pose is not the important part. Trying a different approach to the pose IS!)

🌎 In earth-based spirituality practices, the moon is representative of what is known as the “Divine Feminine” aspect 💃đŸŧ. (This has nothing to do with being a hetero-normal female! All gender ID’s welcome!) This is a GREAT TIME for tuning into intuitive strength and emotional truth. Gathering on or near the full moon, we celebrate creative movement in light of the sun opposing the moon – giving us the appearance of the full moon. It is in the space between opposing forces that creativity shows us her magical ways. Join us in sharing gentle play time in our bodies with nature’s magical dusk lighting, a prize drawing from a local creator, and self-reflection prompts to invite healthy emotional processing at a time when the moon’s energy is at its strongest!

🌕🤩 Full moons can influence the highest energy in each 28-29-day lunar cycle – a perfect opportunity for expression and gaining perspective.

🧘đŸŧ‍♀ī¸đŸ§˜đŸžâ€â™‚ī¸ Project Practice is an ever-evolving yoga project to create spaces for a deeper experience between mind, body, breath, soul, spirit, and heart. This is “slow sweat” yoga – not a big cardio workout. Particularly good for creative minds. ✨🧠✨

🎖As always in my yoga offerings, please bring any intentions you like, practice poses your body wants, and treat this as your own time to be in your body and explore.


For tickets Click the link below.


November 28, 2023
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
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